«Saga del Sol» is a complete story that takes place in a fantasy world where the characters embark on a journey where they visit different places and meet different characters.

Wolverine & Punisher
Barrio de Pakistán

Script by Rongny Sotillo & Art by Wilfredo Pérez.

Accompany the two favorite anti-heroes to tour the streets of Caracas.

El Tesoro de Aguirre

Script by Miguel Gozaine & Art by Wilfredo Pérez.

Pursued by the dictatorship’s secret police, a history professor goes into the mountains suspecting that he is on his way to get involved in the secret war for an arcane and mysterious source of power.

EL Librero

Write by Rongny Sotillo & Art by Wilfredo Pérez.

La libertad de América se sustenta en las argucias de un librero mentiroso con un gran plan.

Wilfredo Pérez

Ilustrador Freelance – Creador de Cómics
Radicado en Venezuela

Wilfredo Pérez is a freelance comics artist and illustrator who lives in Yaritagua, VENEZUELA. He studied, without completing his degree in fine arts at UCLA during his youth, and for several years Wilfredo has been drawing and creating his own comics and graphic novels, including El Tesoro de Aguirre, Barrio de Pakistan and his new book Saga del Sol. Wilfredo He is also a freelance illustrator who has worked with clients around the world. He is also a visual communicator who has developed countless commercial brands and websites.

For freelance inquiries please email me directly wperez@ideaestudio.com

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